Nexera is an IT company, born in 2002, specialized in the providing of hardware and software solutions for the Health and Physical Security field. Its target is the Italian Public Administration and the so called “Large Accounts”. Nexera adopted a new business model able to generate revenue even in mature fields.

The company has seen a vigorous growth since the time it was born, and, thanks to the skills of its management, it developed a capability of being involved in large projects about innovation. Nexera is a consortium composed by various companies able to cover in this way a complete production chain in the field it operates. Some of the shareholders are companies whose business is in the “core” activities of similar fields, especially a software house and a supplier of complex telecommunication plants. Nexera is so able to manage turnkey projects in the cited fields, directly providing also the installation and plant solutions.

In the Health field, Nexera developed some innovative computer platforms able to satisfy the needs of various Health Structures as Local Health Companies, Public Hospitals, and Private Clinics. In particular, it decided to launch on the market a new platform for the Health System (called ASAP), after a market research in relation to the needs of health applications and an evaluation of services provided as an Application Service Provisioning modality.

ASAP is a modular suite of applications for the management of Health Companies, Public Hospitals and Clinics, studied specifically to let it cover all the needs of this category of customers, in terms of computer systems. It has been conceived as module so each customer can choose one or more modules depending on its needs. The most important modules areASAP_SIO: the Hospital Information System to manage the various functional areas of a hospital structure.

With ASAP_SIO it is possible to cover, from an applicative point of view, the entire clinic path of a patient, both in the Public Hospital and, externally, in the Private Clinic, ASAP_arc: the service of legal archiving allows the replacement storage of diagnostic exams (images, reports, laboratory tests) through an IDC remote management of the historical – according to the laws – relieving the health company from the need of doing the necessary activities of a complex and expensive operation, such as the local management of the storage of digital images or X-ray plates.

This has been realized through a partnership with Telecom Italia and marketed by the latter on the entire Italian market and ASAP_sra: offers a series of innovative functionalities able to intercept request of new important services emerging in health structures to improve the cost/performance ratio, and in particular services as Teleconsultation, Second Opinion and “Telereport”.

Role in the project
Nexera will be involved in the construction of a framework for interoperability between application services. The framework will be implemented as an add-on service on the portal, already operational, used for the project “Endocare”. The framework will expose bidirectional integration of application services according to standards and models that will be defined in the analysis phase. The framework will expose to the external services the collected information, in order to ensure horizontal interoperability. At the same time, the framework will provide the acquisition of clinical and management data (date and time of collection, user’s contacts, patients personal record) where present, to form the joint application domain. Communication with the Endocare portal will take place by direct procedures on the database: in this way it will be possible to optimize the integration and response time by exploiting the full potential of Endocare.


Mario Scherillo graduated in Electronic Engineering at the “Federico II” University in Naples, Italy, at the Faculty of Engineering, with the final grade 110/110 cum laude in 1983. He is licensed for the engineering profession, with a final grade of 120/120. As the technical manager at Nexera S.c.p.A., he is the supervisor on design, R&D, development of product and services, orders, technical support and relationships with Nexera’s technological partners. He has taken part as a coordinator in several European, national and regional research projects. Examples are Coordinator of the ESPRIT/ASTRA project for the Specification and development of an integrated prototype of an office system for Public Administration in Europe, in a UNIX SQL/C environment: he took part in the analysis phase and the human and instrumental resource management.

Coordinator of the “Intelligent Vision” research project (financial support from the Campania Region with the Law no. 598/94 on Research); this project made Nexera achieve its targets in terms of know-how and experimental data. The results in the intelligent operations on the content of images, video encoding and multi-channel analysis were subsequently put into production to create a platform for “intelligent” video content analysis. Coordinator of the “Health on Net” research project ( financial support from the Measure n.. 3.17 in the “POR Campania 2000/2006” document);  which concerned creating the prototype of a centralized Repository for diagnostic examinations of images and reports. It was able to make clinical radiologic folders for patients and faced the themes of filing, web-based view, data exchange via the DICOM standard, digital signature, information filtering and match-making. All of the project’s qualifying elements were subsequently put into the production of a legal filing system on an IDC (Internet Data Center).

Francesco Garofano is Development, Products and Market Department manager of Nexera. He contributes to the definitions of strategic and operational marketing of the company. Moreover he works for the definition and engineering of the company’s proposals with regard to high technology computer science systems, identifying main markets and national and EU funds for the research activities. He is also responsible for the technological partnerships, with the responsibility of the production in the video and audio analytics software area, within the physical security and telemedicine systems produced by the company.

Pasquale Izzo, has a background in software engineering and is currently working as a project manager. As a project manager he is responsible for the fulfillment of the orders for construction, maintenance of complex systems of security in the field of intelligent video surveillance, SOA, architectures and interoperability. He takes care of the entire management of the project and is as such responsible for planning, procurement and delivery. He support the company’s management for planning of the budget, for the periodic review and reporting of orders of competence. He is currently involved in various projects.