Federico II Hospital

Federico II University Hospital (FOUND)

FOUND is an excellence health care facility in Southern Italy, that hosts over 50 Specialist Courses and master Degrees of Federico II University Medical School. It provides in-hospital admittance, day-hospitals, day-services and outpatient activities. The hospital is hosted in a multi-building site, with 26 buildings located within a green area of 440.000 square meters. FOUND takes part to the regional and national health care programs in organ transplantation, maternal-infant protection, AIDS and related syndromes, cardiology, heart surgery, hosting the Regional Centers for kidney and bone marrow transplants, cardiovascular diseases and specific pediatric diseases, providing high level of specialty care. Thanks to the presence of so many sectors, and to the coexistence of teaching, research and health care the hospital provides many opportunities to develop interdisciplinary activities.

The Hospital hosts the Department of Clinical Medicine and Surgery, with a long-standing tradition of excellence in diagnosis and treatment of hypothalamic-pituitary diseases, neuroendocrine tumors, osteoporosis and neuroendocrine complications of obesity. At present more than 1000 patients mainly from Southern Italy are followed by a team of experienced endocrinologists who are also connected with the regional endocrinology network Endocare, and feed its database. The Endocare network is established with a threefold purpose.

1) Offer all endocrinologists in Campania to get a timely feedback by one of the 4 level II facilities operating in our territory. They can obtain to schedule diagnostic tests or specific medical or surgical therapies and procedures; consult the network to confirm a diagnosis and prevent the patient from moving to another facility. This limits the duplication of diagnostic and therapeutic procedures and tests across multiple facilities, as well as the migration of patients outside of our region in search of services.
2) Establish registries of rare diseases and monitoring of special drugs, otherwise not available in Campania, and offer the opportunity to improve patient care, allowing the local medical community to gather epidemiological data about rare diseases.
3) Facilitate the enrollment of patients in trials for innovative therapies. The Department of Clinical Medicine and Surgery hosts a cutting-edge research for many experimental therapies, whose experimental protocols are now available to Campania endocrinologists through Endocare.

Role in the project
FOUND will be lead partner for the validation Workpackage (WP5) and will provide coordination of all the activities needed to the deployment of PERSSILAA in Campania region, Italy. In addition, they will be strongly involved in all end user aspects of the project

  • Development of concrete use cases to define the functional and technical requirements, describing the service provision protocols
  • Selection of service modules
  • Development of the shared vision on screening and prevention of frailty and the roadmap for the service modules, infrastructure and organisation scenarios based on the needs and demands of Campania stakeholders
  • The development and validation of the various service modules on nutrition, physical and cognitive functioning coherently with the scenario envisioned in Campania, at the two collaborating churches (Santa Maria del Pilar, Ercolano, and Santa Maria del Buon Consiglio a Confalone, Napoli)

The physicians of the Clinical Medicine and Surgery Department will support the enrolment, screening and follow-up of the elderly that will enter the activities of the project, and will also contribute to train the informal caregivers and the physical trainers. Found will participate to the elaboration of the dissemination strategy and plan, and to the along the production of dissemination materials. Dissemination and exploitation will take into account the Health Campus model, that continuously implements promotion of prevention through specific health and educational initiatives, addressing issues related to the concept of well being linked to healthy lifestyles.


Maddalena Illario MD, PhD
Since 2001, Medical School Degree, Magna cum Laude. Endocrinologist, currently Research and Development Coordinator at FOUND. Attending at the FOUND Department of Internal Medicine and Clinical Pathology; Assistant Professor at the Department of Translational Medical Sciences of Federico II Medical School. Coordinator of Campania Reference Site for the European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Aging. Lecturer for the course “Health Technology Assessment (HTA) and economic evaluations at Campania Region Health Care Agencies and Hospitals”. Lecturer at the Master for Research and Innovation in Health Sciences (RISS) “Translational Medicine”.