Work package 6

WP6, Dissemination and exploitation, aims to develop and execute a full dissemination strategy in collaboration with all partners.

Dissemination follows a phase wise approach during the project. During each phase of the project, a set of dissemination actions is taken, specific for the characteristics of that phase. In the first phase, dissemination aims to raise awareness in the targeted communities, the elderly and the care network. In the second phase during which service modules are developed, dissemination activities will aim to encourage stakeholders’ involvement. In addition, dissemination aims to promote the integrated PERSSILAA system and exploitable project results to stakeholders with commercial interests in project outcomes. The last dissemination phase will focus on the acceleration of innovation and getting all stakeholders ready for sustainable implementation and exploitation.

The tools and mechanisms employed in work package 6 include the project website, project flyers, organizing events (e.g., workshops) and setting up project demos. The scientific community will be informed by means of publications submitted to journals and presented at (inter)national conferences. Moreover, several press releases will be made to inform the larger public audience.

The exploitation strategy and sustainable development methods for PERSSILAA will be defined based on the results of the social-economic evaluation performed in work package 5.