Work package 4

WP4, Technical infrastructure, covers the development of a technical infrastructure underlying the different services provided by PERSSILAA. Activities in this workpackage start from the technical requirements and architecture defined in WP2, as well as the services modules developed in WP3.

WP4 includes four main tasks. The first one is related to interoperable aspects and will be focused on defining the requirements of the technical infrastructure, with special emphasis on the universAAL platform (developed in another European project). In addition, a middleware component will be developed to implement the EN13606 standard and also a set of libraries to support the communication with devices following ISO/IEEE 11073 standard. Privacy and security will be considered as well, with special focus on developing an access control module based on the XACML standard. Furthermore, a dual model approach for the Electronic Health Record (EHR) architecture will provide PERSSILAA with the capability to interchange information with clinical information systems. The second main task will be related to theintegration of services’ modules for each domain covered in the project (nutrition, cognitive, and physical), which is devoted to the bidirectional integration of applications’ services and their architectures and the interoperable PERSSILAA platform. The third main task aims to implement an intelligent core that will provide computational methods to perform knowledge extraction, pattern recognition, prediction of actions to be anticipated, classification, automatic detection of changes in behavior, and inference of personal context. The fourth main task will be the development of a gamification layer to integrate performance indicators for healthy behavior, decision support based on individual goals, personalized feedback and the enhancement of social engagement into the PERSSILAA platform.