Work package 3

WP3, Service modules, covers the development of service modules for screening, monitoring and training, to be offered to the community.  These modules are based on a shared vision concerning screening and prevention of frailty, and will  be useful tools to get an overall picture of a person’s health status,  to monitor everyday functioning and to offer remotely available health promotion programs. A decision making protocol tool will also be implemented to identify if someone is at risk and to decide which services should be provided.

WP3 comprises four tasks dedicated to screening modules, monitoring modules, health promotion and supported training services and the Recommendations for European guidelines. In the screening model task an easy to use multidimensional screening tool integrating different domains important for frailty will be developed to generate a quick, reliable and integrated assessment of a person’s cognitive, physical and nutritional health status. This multidimensional screening tool will be developed as app technology that can be used by non-health care providers to increase accessibly, usability and acceptability. The monitoring modules focus on the development of the unobtrusive monitoring tool to get a detailed insight in every day functioning in terms of engagement in physical activities, cognitive demanding tasks and every day nutritional behavior. The training services to be developed aim at promoting a healthy behavior in terms of healthy nutrition, physical activities and cognitive stimulation. An interactive website on nutrition, webbased exercising and cognitive functioning are amongst the activities to be implemented in this task. Finally, recommendations to the public, carers and health professional bodies for screening and prevention of frailty for older adults, will be provided. These guidelines will be harmonized with existing local, regional, national and international recommendations.