Older adults as co-designers of the PERSSILAA platform

Today (Tuesday March 17, 2015) a meeting of the advisory board of the PERSSILAA project was organized. Participants of the PERSSILAA project, older adults living in the Twente region, were invited to Roessingh Research and Development (RRD) premises.  After some short introduction, the participants discussed their first experience with the online exercise program. This program is a 12 weeks program to increase the level of physical fitness of the older adults with functional decline on the physical domain. The follow-up of this program is a 12 weeks online self-management program to maintain this level of physical fitness.  After 6 weeks of use the participants were very enthusiastic and had some good remarks to improve the program for a future release.  As the participants all participated in the first and second screening of the PERSSILAA project, their experience with these two screening moments were also discussed. Finally, the participants got a sneak peek into future developments in the PERSSILAA project, such as the device which can be used to monitor physical activity and the MyHealthFrame. As co-designers of the PERSSILAA platform their opinion to these future developments is very important. Theirt opinion provides researchers the knowledge whether these developments will be adapted by their most important end-user. The next advisory board meeting will be planned in June.

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