Newspaper article about PERSSILAA in Tubantia

September 29th, 2014 Regional newspaper Tubantia from the Netherlands published an article on PERSSILAA, titled “Gezondheidsproject van Roessingh Research”. A translation: “Staying active and healthy longer: this is the goal of the health project PERSSILAA, initiated by Roessing Research and Development. This week, elderly in neighbourhood Stadsveld in Enschede are first to participate. The participants, aged 65 and up, are asked to fill in questionnaires online, based on which their health is evaluated. Afterwards, they will receive tailored advice to maintain their health. The rationale behind the project is the fact that elderly wait to see their docter until they are really facing problems. Thanks to this online program, elderly that are susceptible to health issues are identified at an early stage. The pro-active health system is developed by Roessing Research, led by prof. dr. Miriam Vollenbroek.” The original article can be found here.

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