Deliverable 2.2 – Service scenarios – April 2014

This deliverable discusses the coming about of the initial service scenarios, use cases and functional specifications for the envisioned PERSSILAA service and the technology that must support this service. As a first step, an inventory was made of already existing, similar programs that aim to identify and train those elderly who are frail. This inventory showed that many programs focus on just one or a few aspects of frailty, and that technology plays a very limited role. In both Italy and the Netherlands, important stakeholders were identified and meetings were held to identify problems with current frailty care, and to discuss future working protocols. Identified problems included a lack of insight to define a clear target group and the lack of a shared language among caregivers. Working protocols were visualized in the form of two activity diagrams that take into account the specifics on the Italian and Dutch context. Functional specifications were created on the basis of personas, scenarios, use cases and dataflow diagrams, all of which are documented in this deliverable.

The full document: D2.2