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The PERsonalised ICT Supported Service for Independent Living and Active Ageing


Health promotion programs offered online or through local community


Easy-to-use tools to create a rapid overall health status overview


Unobtrusive monitoring of everyday functioning with sensor technology

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Welcome to the PERSSILAA website!

PERSSILAA (which stands for Personalised ICT Supported Service for Independent Living and Active Ageing) is a unique, European project in which a service for older adults is developed. This service aims to screen for and prevent frailty: an elevated risk of vulnerability for age related decreasing health. Most evident causes of frailty are insufficient mental stimulation and physical activity, as well as nutritional insufficiencies. The service supports the user to maintain or improve on these factors through three modules: healthy nutrition, physical exercise and cognitive function.

PERSSILAA innovates the way our care services are organised. From fragmented, reactive disease management into preventive, personalised services that are offered through local community services and telemedicine technology. The technical service infrastructure that will support these services will be efficient, reliable, easy to use way and therefore makes use of gamification, interoperability and clinical decision support.

On this website, more information on the PERSSILAA project can be found in About, including a demo of the platform. In News, you can follow the developments of PERSSILAA and its partners through media headlines, public documents, academic activities and tweets.

This project is part of the FP7 framework (FP7-ICT-610359).